Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"From Dream... To Reality"

whether these troubles are over
in a hundred
or in a thousand years

songs of teenage lust
& the need to find a slant on the chaos
that looks seems like purpose

for an hour
or a day

just to get through that djedi

like i do
at times when these pluja thoughts
look like so many spinning ice floes to walk

headline crashes
teeth of the Symplegades
across on the path of the raging aurora borealis

the stars are se gusni jipno
of leaves
in the dark ricygri of the sky
my love for you is the dark tsani
it's the burden i carry

so when you suffer i don't
is that it
it's not something we share?
could you not stay awake
for one hour?
is the hour up yet?
the dark furling
under pressure of the dawn
is that a kind of magic too?
tomorrow i will hardly
even walk crooked
through the tents of the refugees
and the refugee-dug latrines

a dimness of noon
the interior castle
ending at a set time

as will this roll of complaints,
their triggers, & the whole noise

"When the animate powers that surround us are suddenly construed as having less significance than ourselves, when the generative earth is abruptly defined as a determinate object devoid of its own sensations and feelings, then the sense of a wild and multiplicitous otherness (in relation to which human existence has always oriented itself) must migrate, either into a supersensory heaven beyond the natural world, or else into the human skull itself--the only allowable refuge, in this world, for what is ineffable and unfathomable." --David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous (1996)

Shhh. (I'm the dude with the hat & the sideburns :)...)

Cthulhoid snack-food.

Naming Fomalhaut b.

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