Sunday, March 14, 2010

70 Virginis b--the coffee mug.

In response to this, i wrote: "this is good but it disregards an essential difference between kinds of people.

the models would not be the same for introverts & extraverts; & i suspect that each of the 16 Jungian types has its own specific social needs.

because the types are not equally prevalent, the more common ones’ needs drown out the perceptibility of the needs of the less common types (some are 100 times more common than others).

you might rather look at it from the point of view of the ideal tribe, which would (say) have one of the very least common types, but no more than their fair number of the most common types; but what happens in today’s world, is a mediated sorting-out of like with like, so that grossly unbalanced tribes form, with a consensus that is biased toward things it is easy for those of that type to believe.

this is how we end up so deluded en masse."

Build Your Own Army of Web Bots Within 24 Hours.

"But when the movie people actually made a film called I, Robot, the story that was filmed had nothing to do with Isaac’s actual stories but was something written and published by another writer, and all they used of Isaac’s work was the title and the Three Laws. Neither of which had been his." (via Metafilter)

M John Harrison responds to Elmore Leonard's list with a list of his own.

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