Friday, March 19, 2010

" 'Islâm--the very word means the surrender of the human will to the will of God,' said Count Anteoni. 'That word and its meaning lie like the shadow of a commanding hand on the soul of every Arab, even of the absinthe-drinking renegades one sees here and there who have caught the vices of their conquerors. In the greatest scoundrel that the Prophet's robe covers there is an abiding and acute sense of necessary surrender. The Arabs, at any rate, do not buzz against their Creator, like midges raging at the sun in whose beams they are dancing.' " --The Garden of Allah

"Perfect Patience"

on the polluted air
such conditions as
been gauss dragon dragon the wings and
knowing so
much and so little

how possibly map this changes little else
foregone dust
whose boots aren't made for walking

and my perfect patience fries
carving, like farseeing smoke
someone that small

Why Paint Cats?

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