Monday, March 08, 2010

"The truth is that our school-girls and spinsters wander down the lanes with Darwin, Huxley, and Spencer under their arms; or if they carry Tennyson, Longfellow, and Morris, read them in the light of spectrum analysis, or test them by the economics of Mill and Bain.' --Victorian Poetry

"Night Without Poppies"

should we not rather embrace
the beauty of the deserts to come?

deserts of North America, deserts of Africa
deserts of fucking Europe

fire up the Krups

the fixed stars
have not spoken

the ocean is a desert with the life
lack of immediate panic
slip back into dreamland

forgotten downloads
and one more song to sing

tracing the paths
of atomies

warmth left in the empty teacup
its graph of departure

roj'oH rojqoq'e'

"I could easily envisage the Mass Pike empty of cars with mulleins and sumacs popping through fissures in the pavement, and sheets of aluminum on the vacant Big Box stores flapping rhythmically in the wind, and something entirely new going on in the hills and valleys along the way, where people labored to bring forth new life."

Empty Lives.

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