Saturday, April 03, 2010

"The Gods of SeaTac"

i would have liked to do nothing the
attosecond orero
coupon weekend game
plan a language only of vowels
start the washer come
back in an hour and the clothes are still dry
wall flower thousand deep threat
bare bodkin
dull · sitdown beat nickel odium

song of the dwelling just one place
in a consonants-only language

saffron moon at dawn
G P S with woman's voice
tells the river where

as we jolt through a school zone
watch my car in the mirror

"Many writers have felt, like Pound: Why not invent an art form that will permit me to put all my life, all my thoughts and feelings about the universe, directly into a work of art? But the trouble is, when they've invented it it isn't an art form." --Randall Jarrell

I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield.

Three-Logic, finally, is not a syllogism but a response to the world. When ingrained, it takes the form of: a preference for triads in analysis, refusing to uphold tribal boundaries (Us vs. Them), "else also" in response to given dilemmas, an abiding sense of the mysteriousness of the world, and an unshakable faith of the validity of the imagination.

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michael said...

i am glad to see Mieville's new Embassytown takes ideas similar to mine on three-value logic into perfectly realized fictional form--& timely, too.