Tuesday, June 29, 2004

pemmicanize Miskatonic Mesklin, tribune
Omaha; pink School of the Americas pearl

Gibraltar smurf Gestapo sepulchral sob fnord

06 29 04 q. mujtass

I see that DaVinci Code-wannabe The Rule of Four is a thriller wrapped around the mysterious Hypnerotomachia; we are almost at the point where books themselves are magical, awe-inspiring objects; & the Past--well, anything could have happened...!
   Without a culture that bears in itself continuity & justification of what came before, one has to construct such continuities as one is able. Beyond that forlorn, heroic effort, there is only the superstitiousness of grown children who have never been given the bare means of deciphering any evidence whatsoever.
   "IS SO!" "IS NOT!"
   How thrilling to live at the end of a phase, & know it.

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