Saturday, August 26, 2006

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You Got away With It.

To think of how many original story plots this surprising fact of global warming now hands an aspiring bard: thrilling flights from collapsing civilization, valiant fights against natural & human chaos; plus what wistful thoughts a bard can sing of a world's long turning into totally otro.

Niagara scirocco waltz
ogham rays crisp basilisk

psalmist's filch tricky logic
scratch accruals form swank cairn

glowing storm tzompantli sough
again shorn parch Umbrist wrath

caracul syzygy tsar
scouring trichignosis night

1939 ascii-art. (via R*b*cca Blood)

"The Japanese knew just how inadequate our equipment was, because they destroyed or captured practically all of it." --W L White, Th*y W*r* 3xp*ndabl* (1942)

" 'There was once a monk called Paphnutius,' said Lincoln Hayes." --Sax Rohm*r, Th* Bat Fli*s Low (1935)

Monk*y Pick*d Oolong.

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