Tuesday, December 08, 2009

   "The Lost"

The death of a trampled temp
in the crush of Black Friday Morn
the furore of getting in
for the gimcrack toys and sculshgorp

they're off at the starting gun
doesn't matter if steel gray skies
preside at a wake--to guzzle
is human; to murder, divine.

Again i emerge to drive
and again my LeSabre rolls
and i will achieve those aisles
and arrive at the halls of Jove

U Plavu Zoru.

Rap around the world.

Dark Side of the Moon.

Since gas is so cheap, i've started buying premium again; my car runs better, and i even get better mileage. I had been adding octane-additives regularly, because my old car wasn't built to run on gasohol. I think today's premium is the regular of ten years ago...

"Sugar" radif challenge.

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