Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wondering (you know me) how to say 'prophet' in Klingon. E.g. "Ambassador of the Great Truth": vIt'a' Duy'a'

   "Provenance Unknown"

Although i am gloomy
That flight is yours
Sand to sand

What did its throat
Do until it find a wind
Bringing communion

Onyx ranging
In front of

It has no illusions
Touching for a frost
Nothing so annual as

Taking sort

"One of [James] Hogg's proposals was to 'collect a poem from every living author and publish them in a neat volume...' When Byron's submission never arrived, and Scott ...refused outright, the entrepreneurial James just sat down and wrote new works by these authors..." --Stuart Kelly, op cit

Hey, Eugene.

At the college the new fashion is fur-lined boots, which the girls wear even with shorts... Which amounts to a seasonfuck.

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