Tuesday, January 12, 2010


”I get navigation,” you will
The host will be
   too white; the safe rain will
      break your navigation
You will unearth your rage
Fulfil, fulfil
You will be lily-white, making
   lands into innocence
The nigh insides will
   retreat the black meetings of livid
       hosts upon your heart
What did your throat do before it
   heard you?
Who did you satisfy, converging,
   wandering for your
Another host will be wandering in
   the external host,
      wandering and cheating, a safe
You will be not
   a danger, even though
      for hours you have eaten kings and
         made audiences with your hair and beheld
            your stuff seem fantastic
You will like
Jaggedly, green ice will root,
   like a teller
You will be not a
   sense, though for
      hours you have tasted rivers and made
         comforts with your
            body and watched your
               navigation wake
Know what you will
   be. Know what it
      will be to be
         a seraun.
Outside externals and
   close legions
You could feel yourself
You will have no faith
You will watch your envy, your
   surroundings, your information
You will saunter in
   late autumn among
      white meetings
Your lip a horde in
   the scene and ashen enough to meet
Hosts, interiors, meetings, the forgathering legions
You will render yourself wonder
   in a book of ivory"

--Robot X., 1831. (This may be the best poem ever written by a computer.)

"Immaterial as the book [the Necronomicon] is, it has led, inevitably, to far reaching controversy and it is no exaggeration to say that many of today's creative occultists have been influenced, not by the presence of the book, but by its absence." --Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways (1994)

"They were interesting because they failed..."

The Masked Marauders.

The sea monkeys rumor.

One of my favorite Odetta songs. Odetta singing last year. Odetta on the Johnny Cash show.

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