Tuesday, January 12, 2010

   "To One on the Cancerpath"

The part of history we are in always feels like something else.
Rent. Light on the sheaves.
Naming the flow sickness, this is the tug's din
dragon and recompense, until at dusk it will
know you
. How long, we suddenly realize,
have we been thinking in this other language?

"Arabic numerals were 'infidel knowledge.' Zero was even banned by the Church in 1229, though its vital importance to traders who needed to use it to balance their books while their cargoes were still at sea ensured its survival. It became a kind of underground symbol of the freedom to trade." --David Boyle, Troubadour's Song (2005)

Hence the necessity of the Matrix.

The Garden of Nek Chand.

Shizuka Kudo.

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