Thursday, February 11, 2010

"At the Bureau of Starvation Jokes"

cheap clothes wearing out already
or old clothes threadbare & torn
opened Splenda packets
declining revenues
Ispahan shadowed
massive cuts & swine flu sanitizer
see the early street shining
honk at me willya
alright already

when Fiestaware floats
djuno najenai kurji
Tiu estis la upon
dog prisoners
kutimo any
I will go down
de le musycei rilate al tiuj,
with this ship
kiuj antawe jam child estis.
black feather in the supermarket entranceway
La kutimo de
le musycei neniam sxangxigxas.
this rock upon
carbon star child
he them dark die
spray of pink blossoms

not the door they wanted
but a door

The Slynx. By Leo Tolstoy's great-grandniece.

The "Karen Elliot" of directing.

The Other Asala.

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