Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Chicken Tetragrammaton"

lawtage we sink
a single step to QIH · tuHbe' tra
ombroj malbonodoraj

and our folded battalion dull with eclipse
dust · dull with
its expected avidity of

profound stomp i SIm
Our womb existing, purple as squeak
as squeaky

to open hinges in the morning dimness
all is as
hold away it goes

"My father's ferocious attachment to truth, and his insistence from my childhood on my speaking it at all times and in spite of the direst consequences, had made me an accomplished liar at an early age; the constant need for lying had in fact sharpened my invention and contributed enormously to my enjoyment of the highest forms of poetry." --Glassco, op cit

"Surely the huge marches against war in Iraq were the apotheosis, and the ultimate failure, of peaceful street protest in this country?"

"A well-known prophetic report (ḥadith) that Gazâli invoked in his discussion of knowledge reinforces the importance of the notion of exile and the idea of being a stranger. 'Islam began as a stranger,' the Prophet Muḥammad stated, 'and [Islam] will once again return to a state of strangeness the way it began; so, blessed are the exiles.' " --Ebrahim Moosa, Ghazâlî and the Poetics of Imagination 2005)

Somtow Sutcharitkul has a blog. (You can even buy a tie he designed!)

A Snake in the Grass. (thanx Melanie!)

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