Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Internet Quizzes"

an angry fire
banzu fale panje xusra
sans instruction
what the deal is · syn apt ic on

music and the touch of her skin
wasp on the morning air · one shadowy
veil so yields to another
and very far

from the city i find
far from the city i ind

to think of the circus
from the smell of fresh woodchips

hands are torn from wrists
that tried to write this

"The particular, sprightly, ironic feeling of amphibrachic meter--and its kind of heathery purple color, if I had to give it a color; its kind of cumin flavor, if I had to give it a taste..." --Annie Finch, The Body of Poetry (2005)

"So if James Brown is the Godfather of Soul, Alan Sondheim is the Godfather of Flarf."

"Around us the conversation was going on either in the softest German or in a dialect that we found out later was the Luxembourger platt, a language that sounded like the passage of water over stones." --John Glassco, Memoirs of Montparnasse (1970)

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