Thursday, February 11, 2010

ease into darkness

the routine taking over
the taillights glowing

by the structure still building
i have passed so many times

"On the eve of the euphoria that would turn into madness, Nietsche said that his Zarathustra would 'split the history of humanity in two.' Love in Two Languages is the same kind of gesture; it splits history in two eras: BEFORE / AFTER. ...essentially because this time the false transparency or obviousness of the bilingual problem itself is profoundly called into question.

In other words, with Khatibi--and this is the originality of what is at stake in this book--the dilemma is no longer whether one must write in Arabic or in French, whether the choice is necessary or contingent, politically right or wrong. Rather, the point is to make visible another (infraliminal) level of writing and thinking that renders the dualistic opposition that has dominated Maghrebi literary production completely obsolete." --Réda Bensmaïa, Experimental Nations (2003)

The Gospel of Christian Atheism.

Chiquitita. (Thanx Melanie!)

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