Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Vehicle History Report"

malignantly useless
song and cannot cease to sing
dance · play · you have not yet read the important

information we can enclosed fizzed
moth qul prove
bring cyclist in a spider man suit

driving out to the junkyards
on the edge of town
to pick up a car door to insomnia

replace the one that got run into
snail crunch left
from the last rain · pickups jockeying

swine handicapping

"...separated from my mother tongue, I knew that when I spoke to her, my speech came back to her from outside of my love and in this language I loved her. I had begun an extraordinary adventure. If I happened to substitute one word for another (I knew it was on my own behalf) I didn't have the impression that I was making a mistake or breaking a law but rather that I was speaking two words simultaneously: one which reached her hearing (failing that, could she have stood up to me?) and a second word, an other, which was there and yet was faraway, a vagabond, turned in upon itself." --Abdelkébir Khatibi, Love in Two Languages (1983; tr Richard Howard 1990)

The Bolaño Myth.

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