Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Extended Groth Strip"

Tuareg oregano
barely deliver
bismillah leverage found · cortical bismuth
la bazalta cxielo cxirpas

its veQ · kaj blua estas gxia Aztec
'oy'naQ inhabitants' anagram
of judgment

the thousand flavors of escape
in this whirlwind ride
dead as a spider · a rose
a world of brigs

scr the tho
scrape of key in the lock
squeak of door hinge
squeak of gate hinge
scrape of a far away jet
rising in pitch and fading away
mackerel sky
state department spokesman
in the burning mansion

"Notoriously, the Adjuvants rejected the concept of original music. Every scratch and sample and scrap of lyric that went into their daft compositions was previously owned." --Castles Made of Sand

Tercet Challenge issue is up.

"...Eurydice my fog, my greenness."

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