Thursday, February 11, 2010

"A month later [after B.'s letter to S.] Stalin telephoned Bulgakov. For some odd reason he had taken a liking from the first to The Days of the Turbins, though with the cryptic comment that, "it is not the author's fault that the play is a success.' He suggested that Bulgakov apply to the Moscow Art Theater, adding, 'I think they will accept you.' " --translator's intro to The Master and Margarita (tr M Ginsburg 1967)


excess inventory · terminal moraine
slow descent into madness
of a whole society · as war
evolves · rain
carves the town with frith
cmalyranji mibyp2
Creekside cikad-vIj
recipes on the radio
headlights on in the daytime
in a six month clinical trial
gruiform · badawi
too much work not enough workers
redefined as a good thing
floating · spheres
of inexplicableness
10 under · 35 up
olive sovran pith
zirpu solitaire bazaar
czarist 9n3 foomp! clef
cobblestone walk reclaimed
in the speeded-up Casio air
crazy mccraziness
he barely was nothing
sampled modemtweet
precarious gait
the wrong happening

"In the 1920s, when phonograph records sold at seventy-five cents apiece..." --Low Man on a Totem Pole

When you want your Chinese-character tattoo right.

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