Thursday, February 11, 2010

"In Reading town the violence of change was more obvious. Here, in a town which had always been Countercultural heartland, it looked more permanent. The music and video that acted as urban décor were cutting-edge, but the Shopping Mall Generics had vanished, taken over by farmers' markets. Personal cars had gone, or turned up ingeniously recycled. Asphault and brick and concrete had been torn up to let weeds and wilderness flourish in the streets. There were marks of privation. The 'see a queue, join a queue' mentality of Eastern Europe prevailed. But the wandering crowds were peaceful; there were buskers but no beggars, and there were no weapons in sight." --Gwyneth Jones, Castles Made of Sand (2002)

the Phineas Fogg Associating
a pique in Darien
people are starting to walk
Unarian eclipse · dust bolus luster

we hv always livd
in th Kasbah
severe spoon shortage rules
shortbread prize
in your eyes babe
in your eyes
financial peacenik
parsnip headed tinchel
in your eyes
baby in your eyes

The Taqwacores (movie) production blog.

Fear Itself. (Prince Hal's Dirge, from T-Shirt--a great unknown album.)

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