Friday, February 19, 2010

gerdanlouk Sky Walker
in the torture garden
funest Chernobyl Walden
each dawning darker
each grayness firmer in grip
our camouflage fuselage
melts into the a rainbow bridge

skies mackerel glazed with frop
a Sopwith chimæra dove
slow but steady decline
Badb to the bone
just drive
drive like hoodoo Klingon Jehu

"The trouble with fictional planets around real stars is that sometimes a real planet gets discovered orbiting that star."

Panic among the Mullahs. (via #neda)


"Consistent with this be-bop grammatology of all forms of expression, we should refrain from continuing to partition online remix as a distinctive “Web 2.0” instance of textuality as enunciation squared." (via Doctor Zmalek 2 )

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