Friday, February 19, 2010

if you'd like to make a call
in the giant purpose federal

ragve klama minions
with the talking points in place

i am zombie of what death
dreamer of what outer dark

we         pass
exchange         signals

surely something will remain
though not what i would recognize
surely something

vacant lots in winter
lines black stark against the sky

if you see a rook it's a crow
if you see crows they're rooks

sign sing Sogdiana

"Decay introduces power to the misadventures of matter." --Cyclonopedia

Book your Place in Space.

Pitch Black.

"Certainly I primarily write to my friends and for them, seeking to please and delight them above all, and sometimes mysteriously and painfully falling out. But I don’t want to call this community." (via Silliman)

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