Saturday, February 20, 2010

"I'm now studying the poems of the most popular Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa--ever heard of him?--who had a four-split personality; wrote four different kinds of poetry under four different names--volumes of each--and committed suicide sometime in the 30's, though if alive he'd be just Miss [Marianne] Moore's age." --Bishop, ibid

"Words from a Distant Sun"

steepening light
hydrochloric acid spill
this cough is permanent

four choppers hovering
at the corners of a great cube
mow the dead lawn · spew grass dust
Tuesdays with Moby

devolve into stabs at margh anagram

Things have gone too far.

The syllable sestina. (via Silliman)

A good selection of "steampunk" hats. (They also have pocket watches.)

"Yes, we can say that it is dangerous, harmful, for a white person to want to be a native, and yet is it not also good to love and desire being another?" (via Prau)

Goodnight Dead Moon. (via Infocult)

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