Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The 'Institute' [Library of Congress] staggers along. The latest faux pas was their announcing a reading by Juan Ramón Jiménez as by José Jiménez (an inferior Brazilian) so Mr Jiménez called it off at the last minute. It's really about as bad as calling T S Eliot George Eliot, but they all seemed unaware of the enormity of it all." --Elizabeth Bishop to Robert Lowell (5-8-50), in- Words in Art: the Complete Correspondence (2008)

"Giant Robot Gladiators"

absinthe grue
Alexandrite bleen

concoct carotid döppelgänger
diametric but wholly coincident

we are secret succotash
the La Réunion that never failed

our ovoid runes
become burnt orange to the discerning eye

with absence · saltatory

embellishment evokes from
brute asynapsis

on the turbulent floor where em'rald
anamnesis reigns · venire across the sky

trade places
with the one in the middle

Speculative realism in Bristol.

"The disease I see happening now among some on the left is similar to a disease I saw in college: someone does or advocates a few things you don’t agree with, and you think immediately he must be allied with the forces of darkness."

"After the death of Benjamin Franklin a statue of Faust was erected in front of Franklin's birth house."

"...the vast majority of the Web consists of malware and spam." (via Sterling) --Like, you thought this wasn't the other toxic playground??

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