Thursday, February 04, 2010

"ink & memory"

Eleatic davenport
Sumatra Saturday
after the fire
la fajro
What sort of frost
is it? It isn't grave, it isn't
Standing on the surf
watching the sun split into
two suns. Eleatic tinsel
drapes the garden. No garden
if a fine dragon.

Song of the injured bird
in the beak of the cephalopods

"He further claimed that one of his books, Living WIth The Lama, was dictated by his cat, Mrs. Fifi Greywhiskers." (via Crowleycrow)

" US reviewer said it 'inhabits the blurry region that separates embarrassingly misguided and inept pop from brilliant outsider art'." (On YouTube.)

"By 2001, when I first made contact with George, I believe all of his published work was out of print..." (via Metafilter)

Holy Toledo!

"Thus, God is not actually presented. Without KNOCKING wanted people burst into the kingdom of heaven, then, in Babylon, with the help of a gigantic tower. That was not only rude but also rather presumptuous. So angry God and punished: He took the kit for Homo sapiens, kramte all sorts of languages, and poured it on from the site. If the people but watch as they klarkamen if they no longer understand each other! The Tower of Babel remained unfinished." --machine translation of the beginning of a German article on conlangs (via Rick Harrison's blog)

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