Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Office 97"

we will talk to the mouse
Tololo walking with my feet ten
feet off the

fear the solution
fear the despair but don't
fear the Reaper
deeper than the heart's truth
now is the heart's lie
keeper of miracles
loud inky alibi
talk to the mouse's mouse
mustang sushi
cars without hubcaps
ruggedized dokhma
mouse-drawn Gliksin meilerwagen gone
mouse-drawn Gliksin meilerwagen gone
feature-creep leets absorb the crunk rebus
emu oil badabing
badaboomlay boomlay boomlay duke's mixture
the politics of apocalypse
insane Adam Ant for the Oughts
Aral Sea serpent
Trinity billabong
hagasagan anthem
talk to the mouse's shrink
keeper of miracles
What can the lip do
without arm to silence?

silence the cephalopods

Just Above the Lunar Surface.


Society of Primitive Technology.

Animal Attacks in Movies.

"As the music biz teaches us, lack of control is the chief misery of the struggle; and the first price of success." --Gwyneth Jones, Bold as Love (2001)

Custom-Made Records.

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