Thursday, February 04, 2010

never very bright
between these towers
Elvis goblin dome
the zeros swarm
something once i saw

raki in a cup
half water
and only one ice cube
haze transfigured
morning forest

diff'rent kinds of crunch
litany of gravels
would this catalogue the days
granite cyst
Elvis goblin dome

a garden where spended
odes prowl
chamber for a kraut pope
never very bright
lift the fragrant tome

silky sizzling
at the much repaired seams
zeros swarm
and only one ice cube
remains in the old aluminum tray

convex mirror told
something once i saw
sideswiped by a firetruck
on the road
to tell it to cephalopods

"Mixing Rome and the snow in his song" --Mandelshtam (tr R Tracy)

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Zsuzsa Polgar's blog. (via Brian Barker) --One of her 7 languages is Esperanto.

21 Kinds of Goth. (via supergee)

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