Thursday, February 04, 2010

no firetruck curter if on
Taliban vow
tin to stand for other metals
same cup of tea as me
hurdy gurdy
hurdy gurdy
hurdy gurdy HURdy gurDY

shinyblack heart-music
walking my unconstitutional

a try not to inhale day
glittering roadside audiotape snarls
the fate of all my glues
i use it once then years go by
i need it again & it's dried up
& i have to buy another

something once i saw
takes its place in the catalogue of signs
i am to Langpo what
a Sufi is to Islam

cerni tcadu nenri

we must have music while we wait
gargoyle arglebargle
could ya'll use some extra money

Evita vive
the zeros swarm like bees
out of the mouths of the cephalopods

"Two weeks before flying a plane into one of the World Trade Center's towers, Mohammed Atta phoned Ramzi Binalshibh asking help with a riddle: Two sticks, a dash and a cake with a stick down--what is it? Binalshibh was baffled. After the attack on September 11, he realized that two sticks stand for 11, a dash is a dash and a cake with a stick down signifies 9." --Roy Sorensen, A Brief History of the Paradox (2003)

I Eat Cannibals.

Archipelago of Weird. (via Supergee)

37 Heaven.

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