Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Pullet Surprise"

the first one has beauty
the second, authority

all the things needing doing
are done or nearly

devotion in skugry
to an obsolete symbol-system

or pretend devotion
since nothing is at stake

pool of greenish water
next to the left front wheel tire

a befuddlement
that points the way

and who does not need a way

"the whole point being"
not real stakes to this game

my foot falling asleep
and more water to be added before i go leave

foam rising
like the river in spate

somewhere there's money
with my name on it

knowing only of art
the myth of the artist

leave a puddle
wherever i go

"...Listen, Dalton Fury is really a character in the Candlelight Ecstasy Romance _Bargain With The Devil_ by Jayne Castle..."

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