Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Word a Long Time Arriving"

the last parasinistral would say
dark energy alembic

turns · has urned & will find itself not turning
droglam satellite

stones take care

a whine in the boiler room

"He showed me, moreover, certain musical instruments, which he himself had designed during hours of leisure. Among them, I remember that there were lutes fashioned from the ribs and arm-bones of women, and stringed with male sinews, and also there were tabors of human skin, that had a deep sonority. On more than one of these instruments, he [Omoultakos] played for a while for my diversion, and though I thought the airs he extorted from them were more than atrocious, I felt that it would be politic to commend, rather than criticize, his playing." --Clark Ashton Smith, "The Third Episode of Vathek," in: The Abominations of Yondo (1972)

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