Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Rare Night Landing in Florida"

angelic restoration
sometimes the diamond
sometimes the coal
a film of Renoir painting
whale for my spirit guide
the Trilithon knows
and everything
that could be otherwise
you have made

the Trilithon knows
whale for my spirit guide

" the whales, with their slow metabolisms, humans appear speeded-up...jerky, spastic, desperately flapping." --Susanne Antonetta, A Mind Apart (2005)

Update on the Methane Time Bomb AKA "Clathrate Gun". (via Metafilter) Six degrees of desperation. Hey Eocene!


Songs of the Gorilla Nation.

"Dr. Willhunt: For those of you whose averages might drop considerably, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Mr. Bailey, I hear Vietnam is quite pleasant this time of year.

Harry Bailey: No, not really Dr. Willhunt. You see, it's the rainy season. And during the rainy season, we used to get these fantastic mudslides that would wash up all these shallow graves. So if you really want to enjoy yourself, I would go in the late summertime." --from Getting Straight (1970)

Conlang: the Movie. (via Matt Arnold)

'Reality Hunger'? Try 'reality anorexia'--!

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