Friday, February 26, 2010

"...i have just learned that the way to keep a coati, if you have one, out of mischief is to give him a hairbrush and he'll spend hours brushing his own tail." --Bishop, Words in Air

"Bride of the Bargain"

angry little cloud of fortune

how technology
is revolutionizing
the secrecy · planing lakes
vindu fegyselcni
my quotidian mistakes
pride & prejudice & teabaggers
hegemony cricket
in a cage
for the connoisseurs
of noise

"I didn’t know he had it in him, but Florian nailed the trajectory of a generation of current electronic music practitioners, who came of age in the long 80s afterburn of Industrial culture, were animated by rave’s psychotronic machine music and the systematic praxis of the first wave of post-war electronic music pioneers, and are now forwarding the march of digital sound out of the basements and the clubs and into the private gallery spaces of the 100 mile city."

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