Saturday, February 27, 2010

"We were invited along with 170 others--writers etc--to the Kennedy inaugural. ...I wrote in the Kennedy guest-book, Robert lowell, happy that at long last the Goths have left the Whitehouse. Bobby Kennedy read it, and said, 'I guess we are the Visigoths,' " --Lowell, op cit

"Unreliable Car"

to live without nourishment
in a world that makes no sense
the morning being dismantled
ashes dumped on a bed of sawdust
gray endures

and the final blur

colder in the shadows

gotta keep watching
for when the lane dwindles
the ache in my throat
why is there something
rather than nothing
i solved that one

the bridge
blazing with daylight
a harmonica
played with some no little asperity
the chrome apples
of the Bad Hesperides
why are there potholes
rather than roadway
i think i know that one
being vice president
of Boarded-Up Longtime
spray thrown up
from the car ahead glitters
like diamonds for half a second
we glitter
like diamonds for half a second
come talk to me
in the shadow of the huge giraffe sculpture

"A few years ago this would not have been such an interesting place. But now, most world leaders know the planet is in trouble."

The poetry of self promotion.

We actually got this one in.


tipota said...

thanks for the op to comment i just really like reading your stuff, original and different and puzzling. figure out it must be serbian or slovak language crystals woven in here and there and i really like that i dont know what it means. and the photos and links make a full art and point to all these wonders. good stuff, thanks

michael said...


michael said...

"...this one in."

Christmas with Col. Sanders (p.4),