Thursday, February 11, 2010

The return of philosophical Realism, bizarre & explicable to me only as a retro gesture--like playing the Four Knights' Game, as white, to win.

"Persuasion and the Sasquatch"

aw kiel mallumego
to sau3tne en frofundo maro
may'morgh maturity · our womb existing
slowly green
forcing star within
tawny a
firmament · redlight pewter
mutable por tiu backdrop al kiu
Allah ne donas
lumon · tute ne estas lumo

smogfnast. chmess.
chado wiki leQ
a child runs through pencils · green agate veHmey
tute ne estas lumo

Finite as snow school · a voice of parts
procedas by mutable pewter

Lexus, you will die

Ultimately the only philosophy that is able to hold my attention is the philosophy of tea. It already has heard of the word "extinction,"--and prepared an answer.

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