Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something worth remarking about the "Wow!" Signal is that its apparent origin--the asterism of χ-1, χ-2, χ-3 Sagittarii--cannot, by our present understanding, harbor any sort of life. The first one is clearly uninhabitable (its stellar companion sits more or less where the water zone would have been), the second's too young, and the third is a red giant. Thus, more than most enigmas, this one is a message from nowhere. Its speaker is the impossible alien.

"At Peace with Wotan"

choose between thirst & the water that
might make you
sick · wergeld · the constant bark
desechos peligrosos · incognizant
my Voynich flovers
night has no refuge
nor Khidr
study · only to pile up
silences during waits between silences

Every narcissist is a Republican, though not every Republican is a narcissist.

Korean music video thread.

Nice Momus overview.

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