Thursday, February 11, 2010

in> taming cream
in the bitter sand
can jaguars look askance alumnus
high noon of the intricate fragile Zeitgeist
nIQ storm knowingly topaz
w malvarma gnomon
is an island birrahlee
last flash of lightning
her body softly swaying
    to that smoky beat

cold stone bench still damp to the touch
fountain loudly purling in the background
barely a breeze
the sun breaking through morning overcast
hours of ancient sunlight
la brilado blua
Jimmy James · Etna da
luz azul a Dante
· all
cheer his dime
charm · frieze of remaining
epic might take silences · la
vinberujo luna
snow globe

for all these books

White Flag. Stan.

Whole Foods boycott.

Ramadan (the music video).

"Last week, one of the Republicans sent to disrupt a healthcare town hall started a fight and was injured - and then complained he had no health insurance." (via wood_s lot)

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