Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why so harsh toward one another? Is there some evolutionary advantage in it? No, but from having been unhappy in the past, we feel entitled to be cruel today.

its infantilized anodyne · sfumato wanion starry youths
i slip filigree azote · zenith adjuvant earth and cold
in addition such lyric · indigo secrets
is it an adequate response to terrorism
to include it in our cop shows
ramfeezled you still gotta watch out driving
'cause you sure can't afford another ticket
of the amenities
a vinbero luna
kaj brilado blua way · such that
odoriferous veH · movas · making it
you · limpid
pongHa' malvarma
jamna fizi'o

""(Perhaps the ICFA [International Conferenc on the Fantastic in the Arts] is becoming a place for major writers to make impractical suggestions. A few years ago GoH [Guest of Honor] Geoff Ryman suggested Mundane SF, the idea that sf should eschew its most famous tropes--faster than light travel, habitats in space or on other planets, alien contacts, alternate universes, personality uploading--on the grounds that they have been done to death and wouldn't work anyway..." --Arthur Hlavaty in Nice Distinctions 18

A Shadow in Summer.

"Each with a blister on his tongue,
Each with a crater on his tooth,
Our nerves are fire; we have been stung
By the tarantulas of truth.'


Item for my Wish List. (via Metafilter)

The Canadian Ghazal. (via Silliman)

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